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This page contains a quick-view of every freebie, training, programme and paid thing I currently offer in my business… PLUS ways we could collaborate!

Everything is sorted in price order. Click on the symbol on the right to learn more about each one.

Design Your Dream Life - FREE 5-Day Live Challenge for women

Make your heart sing and your soul dance by designing a life you will wholeheartedly say YES to every day.

Starting 3rd June


Find your Power to Unleash Your Authentic Self (FREE QUIZ)

There are four powers of aliveness & success. This free quiz helps you find the one you need right now. 

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From Stuck to Success - Tapping Session (FREE)

If you feel stuck with a project, a goal or a dream, this tapping session is for you.

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Sea of Love - Guided Meditation (7€)

Guided Meditation enhanced with powerful Theta healing waves

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Introduction to Neurographica (mini-course) (7€)

If you are completely new to Neurographca and want to prepare yourself to be able to follow a session without feeling overwhelmed, this mini-course is exactly what you need. 

Hint: You will probably get it for free when you book one of the Neurographica sessions.

Redesigning Balance (47€)

Rewire your brain through Neurographica by creating new neural pathways to reduce stress, embrace inner peace and boost your productivity.

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Feeling Powerfully Calm - Stress meets Tapping (course) (47€)

Stress is the silent killer in our life. In this course you learn how to overcoming anxiety, stress, negative beliefs, and other obstacles that may be holding you back from living your best life.

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Radical Self-Care for Female Entrepreneurs and those in the making (course) (111€)

How to prioritize your own needs and practice self-care without feeling guilty or limiting your business success even if you’ve always put others before yourself.

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Neurotree of Success (course) (150€)

An inspiring transformative experience that harmonizes introspection, planning, subconscious alignment, and unconventional expressionIt will help you create a visual representation of your intentions, goals and wishes for the next 12 months, and also show you the subconscious challenges that need your attention for your personal growth.

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Clarity Boost (1:1) (250€)

This is your first step to transformation because clarity is knowing where you really stand when you go deep and have a look at your subconscious blocks and patterns.

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Inner Peace -- Personal Coaching (4,000€)

Personal multidimensional transformation program to rewire your subconscious for success by building or strengthening your foundation of self-love, confidence and help you step into your superpowers. 

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Want to collaborate?

I love teaching masterclasses and giving workshops, and I am available for your audience.

I have given my own talks and workshops off- and online since 2006 and also on different summits.

I love to talk about your subconscious mind and neuroplasticity, stress, the benefits of plant-based nutrition for health and the planet, and I can conduct Neurographica workshops for any topic you want (I’m a certified Neurographica specialist).

If you have a growing and engaged audience and would love to get me involved in your workshop setting, please get in touch.