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How is it possible that the fear of driving to new places as an adult can be linked to a negative remark about failing an exam to an eight-year-old child?

This fear was linked to the inability to set boundaries lovingly and to make herself a priority.

The reason lies in the subconscious and unconscious mind. As humans, we are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. So when the little girl heard her father angrily saying that he did not understand how she could fail at something so simple as this exam, her pain of not feeling loved, of not being comforted and supported was stored in her system, and she created strategies never to feel that again.

So she became very diligent, always trying to fulfill the expectations of her parents, even before they would voice them. This behavior became her second nature, and she extended it to her partner, her boss, and even her children.

And of course, she failed again, many times because she was just a child and learning. Her fear of failure grew.

As a young woman, she failed at her first attempt to get her driver’s license and the same situation repeated. Her father’s disdain of how she could fail at something so simple as a driver’s license was yet another repetition of the same story. So once more, it stirred up all those painful feelings and fears. And for over 20 years, she avoided driving as much as she could.

She only became aware of this connection to her childhood experiences when we explored the roots of her unwillingness to set boundaries and her avoidance of driving.

Whenever your life is not how you want it to be, and you can’t figure out why you are stuck, you are probably struggling with some subconscious blocks.

Our avoidance strategies disguise as refusing to set goals, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination or the unwillingness to ask for help. They become patterns that are holding us back. 

As in the example above, most of your issues have been created in the early years of your life, sometimes even before you could think or speak. They are conditioning, programmings of your thinking and behavior running in the background of your brain. 

And they are more powerful than any conscious decision, affirmations or any amount of willpower. 

If you want to uncover and eradicate the roots of your old programming and create a new, fully empowered life, I’m here to help.

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What Jane said about her coaching experience

Some excerpts of Jane’s video:

I was stuck in my life and I was missing joy. I wanted another job as well and didn’t know how to get there or which one to choose. 

I hugely benefitted from the tapping sessions. I only told you a little bit about the difficult situations and  you immediately found exactly the right words and sentences to use with the tapping. This is such a strong skill of yours.

I am more present in my life, taking care of my own needs and being able to set boundaries. That was a huge topic, too. 

Now I’m feeling such joy in my life. 

What was totally amazing was that I didn’t feel I was doing hard work all the time. It’s just a process you go through and it almost feels that it comes to you, then. 

You have a very good intuition for people and figuring out what they need and then give that to them. 

I would not have come to this point without your help. Thank you.

There is nothing more powerful than acknowledgment. It may just be true that you are struggling, overwhelmed, that you want a different life experience and that you need help… are you ready to let go of the old painful stories and the restrictions of your life?

The truth is: if you don’t step up for yourself and completely own your life – who will?

Isn’t it time for self-leadership instead of allowing others to fill your time, drain your energy, and shape your life according to their wishes?

I’ll support you with my nearly 25 years of experience and my proven method to take back the steering wheel and live life on your own terms.

What do you think – should we have a conversation that brings you more clarity? Then this is your chance.

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