Inner Freedom: Rewire Your Subconscious for Success

Personal Multidimensional Transformation Program

How can a negative remark to an eight-year old about failing an exam shape the fear of driving in an adult?

Susan vividly remembered the scene from when she was in third grade. She had failed a test. When her father came home that evening and her mother told him, he was very angry and harsh words followed. He did not understand how she could fail at something so simple as this exam. She was frightened, felt unloved, unsupported and thought that something was wrong with her…


She became an overachiever, exceeding her parents’ expectations even before they were voiced. But small disappointments piled up, and the pattern grew stronger.

As a young woman, she failed her first driver’s license test. Again her father’s disapproval resurfaced, reinforcing the childhood trauma once more by using the same rude words instead of consoling his daughter.

As humans, we are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Susan didn’t make a conscious decision but had subconsciously created strategies to never feel this pain again. She had started to build them as a child and each painful event reinforced them.

When patterns repeat they become stronger

For over 20 years, Susan avoided driving to unknown destinations, believing that she just didn’t like it.

However, the traumatic events not only stopped her from exploring new places. She also maintained her cautious behavioral patterns. Not stepping up for herself, second-guessing to avoid conflict, suppressing her own needs. The idea of setting boundaries or making herself a priority wasn’t even in her mind.

Through our work, she became aware that this once helpful attitude had created a lot of inner resentment that sometimes would break to the surface, and she would find herself lashing out at her children or her husband, only to feel guilty afterwards for “misbehaving”.

Remember, Susan was unaware of the connection between her adult challenges and her childhood experiences. She had forgotten the initial events but created coping mechanisms that somewhat worked for her.

When we explored the roots of her boundary issues and driving avoidance, she became aware of the connections and overcame this blockage.

This was just one detail, one step in the whole work we did together. In general she

🎉 learned setting boundaries lovingly
🎉 now can fearlessly stand up for what she needs and wants
🎉 and she changed her career. She stopped working in a place she hated and started a new job where she feels much better and that allows her to start her dream business as a sidekick.

Little girl getting scolded - childhood trauma

Whenever life is not how you want it to be, and you can’t figure out why you are stuck, you are struggling with subconscious blockages.

Our avoidance strategies and coping mechanisms disguise as refusing to set goals, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination or the unwillingness to ask for help. They become patterns that are holding us back. 

As in the example above, most of your issues have been created in the early years of your life, sometimes even before you could think or speak. They are conditioning, programmings of your thinking and behavior running in the background of your brain. 

And they are more powerful than any conscious decision, affirmations or any amount of willpower. 

Change your subconscious - change your life

Isn’t it time to change?

We only have the present moment. The past is gone, we cannot change it. But we can break its influence on our life today. Why not start now?

Inner Freedom: Rewire Your Subconscious for Success

Find balance and fulfillment in both your personal and professional life, without feeling guilty, overwhelmed or stuck.

Personal Multidimensional Transformation Program

This program is completely tailored to your needs and I am putting all my tools, knowledge and experience of 25+ years into it. You decide where we start. I will guide you and hold your hand while you uncover and work through the root causes of what has been holding you back for so long.

Integrate the Four Power Levels

The Power of Presence

Fundamental Trust
Body Positivity

The Power of Liberation

Healthy anger

The Power of Action

Guilt-Free Decisions

The Power of Love


Instead of mindset work, we focus on a holistic, long-lasting approach to inner work by using the Mind-Body connection and by tapping into the energy of our chakras as you built them in childhood and adolescence. The chakras are our energy centers and they are the framework of our development from birth to adulthood.


Your Roadmap

To integrate the Power of Presence you will uncover the roots of your blocks around procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, feeling unsafe, over-giving, over-thinking, and self-doubt so that you will REBUILD your INNER STRENGTH and feel GROUNDED, PRESENT, CLEAR, and more connected to your INTUITION.

To attain the Power of Liberation, you will uncover the roots of your blocks around anger (or the inability to feel anger), frustration, over-sensitivity, feeling “broken”, or your inability to trust so that you will RECHARGE your POWER and feel INSPIRED, COURAGEOUS, PASSIONATE, and UNSTOPPABLE.

For the Power of Action, you will uncover the roots of your blocks around over-sacrificing, resistance, inability to stand up for yourself, resentment, hiding, or playing small so that you REGAIN your LEADERSHIP and feel EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, and EAGER TO TAKE ACTION.

And to integrate the Power of Love you will uncover the roots of your blocks around self-sabotage, your inability to forgive, feeling alone or unloved, or believing that you are “flawed” or not enough so that you will feel COMPASSIONATE, JOYFUL, RADIANT, and IN LOVE WITH LIFE.

The Features

1. InnerFlow Sessions

Weekly* coaching sessions moving you through your energy system and rewiring your subconscious wherever blockages show up. We will use powerful techniques to dive deep into your subconscious, overcome self-sabotage, break free from limitations and embrace your full potential. You will learn proven techniques to keep up the new version of you after the breakthroughs.

2. Rapid Recharge Sessions

15-20 min assistance in overwhelming or difficult situations. I will hold your hand during your transformation. Receive ongoing support, accountability, and encouragement to stay committed to your transformation, even when overwhelming or challenging situations arise that cannot wait for the next regular session.

3. Multidimensional Transformation

In this holistic journey of personal growth and self-discovery, I will not hold back any of my knowledge or tools. Having studied alternative healing methods, nutrition, acupuncture, tapping (EFT) and more, I will bring in whatever will benefit you to experience profound transformations in all aspects of your life and empower you to unlock your true potential.

*The duration starts at 4 months because deep transformation needs time. Hence you will have at least 16 weekly sessions. 

Act Now

The truth is: if you don’t step up for yourself and completely own your life – who will?

Isn’t it time for self-leadership instead of allowing others to fill your time, drain your energy, and shape your life according to their wishes?

Right now, there are 3 spots open. So if you consider getting one of them, let’s have a conversation and explore this deeper.  

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What Jane said about her coaching experience

Some excerpts of Jane’s video:

I was stuck in my life and I was missing joy. I wanted another job as well and didn’t know how to get there or which one to choose.

I hugely benefitted from the tapping sessions. I only told you a little bit about the difficult situations and  you immediately found exactly the right words and sentences to use with the tapping. This is such a strong skill of yours.

I am more present in my life, taking care of my own needs and being able to set boundaries. That was a huge topic, too.

Now I’m feeling such joy in my life.

What was totally amazing was that I didn’t feel I was doing hard work all the time. It’s just a process you go through and it almost feels that it comes to you, then.

You have a very good intuition for people and figuring out what they need and then give that to them.

I would not have come to this point without your help. Thank you.

There is nothing more powerful than acknowledgment. It may just be true that you are struggling, overwhelmed, that you want a different life experience and that you need help… are you ready to let go of the old painful stories and the restrictions of your life?

The truth is: if you don’t step up for yourself and completely own your life – who will?

Isn’t it time for self-leadership instead of allowing others to fill your time, drain your energy, and shape your life according to their wishes?

I’ll support you with my nearly 25 years of experience and my proven method to take back the steering wheel and live life on your own terms.

What do you think – should we have a conversation that brings you more clarity? Then this is your chance.

You will be sent to my calendar