Neurotree of Success – Empower your Journey of the Next 12 Months

Initially I created the Neurotree of Success as a tree for 2024. There is something magical about turning the page and starting a new year, as it is the return of the light. The winter solstice is the origin of traditions way older than Christianism. In the Northern countries where it’s dark most of the day and it’s cold outside, it has always been a time of introspection. The return of the light, knowing that in the deepest darkest night there is the promise of better days to come, of the sun and the warmth returning.

For 5 years in a row, I led the Sacred Nights, an intensive program for introspection and a preparation for the upcoming year. While doing it last year I already got the message from my guides that this year would be the time for something new.

But of course, we can start afresh whenever we want. That is why I decided to run another live session for the beginning of the Lunar Year – February 10, 2024.

Hence, I want to invite you to an inspiring transformative experience that harmonizes introspection, planning, subconscious alignment, and unconventional expression. It will help you create a visual representation of your intentions, goals and wishes for the next 12 months, and also show you which are the subconscious challenges that need your attention for your personal growth.

🌿 What we will do🌟

We will use Neurographica and NeuroArt to plan 2024, thus accessing thoughtful planning together with tapping into your intuition and subconscious mind.

Success in this case is not limited to your business or finances, success means to achieve whatever you want to create in your life in 2024. And even though I say »achieve« it’s not about achievement goals alone but about Inner Peace Goals or Lifestyle goals. (I don’t even have the best word for it yet.)

You will

🌟 gain more clarity about where you want to go,

🌟 activate your resources,

🌟 set goals and determine your actions

🌟 create space for your dream goals

And the end result will be a beautiful piece of art.

If you are not familiar with Neurographica read this.

Neurographica is a powerful coaching tool where you draw with markers and color pencils in a specific way. I helps find new and creative solutions because it engages both brain hemispheres and helps create new neural connections in the brain, hence it enhances neuroplasticity.

You don’t need any artistic talent or experience. It’s more about the process but the outcome usually is a beautiful drawing.

I have a mini-course explaining more about the system and the techniques so that you can be prepared for any neurographica drawing session. If you decide to join the Neurotree for Success session, I will give you free access to the mini-course.

🌟 Benefits Beyond Traditional Planning and Goal Setting

💫 Drawing Neurographica is a mix of intentionality and being in the flow. The movement becomes a dance between purposeful creation and effortless expression, guiding thoughts and visions into tangible manifestations.

💫 There will be a harmonious symphony of creativity and logic orchestrates, leading to holistic insights and innovative solutions beyond conventional thinking is the result of both brain hemispheres being engaged in the process.

💫 Witnessing your dreams coming alive on paper, facilitates a stronger emotional connection to your intentions and goals.

💫 Contemplating your Neurographic drawing later during the year becomes a powerful visual anchor, subtly guiding you on a subconscious level to stay connected to your intentions.

📅 How It Works

After your registration, you will get access to a series of questions to prepare for your next 12 months, and for the main session. Ideally you will choose one question per day to ponder upon and journal about it. You don’t have to do this but it helps a lot. If you register very close to the event you might have to speed up that part.

We will meet on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 5 pm CET for a 4-hour live session via zoom. For other timezones click here!

I will guide you through the process of drawing the Neurotree. Everything will be recorded and you will have ongoing access to it.

As a BONUS you get access to my mini-course “Introduction to Neurographica”

Normal price: 150 €

EARLY BIRD until Feb. 4: 120 €. Use the coupon code POWER24

Meet Gaia, your host

Gaia in her new life without financial worries

Gaia empowers women to eradicate the roots of their limiting beliefs and unseen trauma so that they can tap into their full power.

She has created an apparently simple method to help her clients. Step by step, they uncover and overcome their blind spots, hidden trauma, or limiting beliefs that govern their life. Eventually, they learn how to trustfully open to life and their purpose. 

As a certified Neurographica specialist, Gaia uses this often underestimated tool as a pillar in her work. Other tools are tapping (EFT) and Echo Reintegration.

Gaia’s methods create powerful, self-assured women who have found their way to be fully present, cope with their emotions and live life on their own terms.