About me

The key to ultimate happiness and fulfillment lies within our own transformation

It’s my heart’s mission to empower women to uncover and overcome their blind spots—those sneaky traumas or beliefs they might not even be aware of—so they can fully embrace their aliveness. 🌸 

I call it aliveness because to me that describes how we feel when things flow and we say a big smiling YES to our lives every morning. Self-care is a natural habit of yours, you are grounded and know how to set your boundaries lovingly. Knowing that you have choice, that you have the power to overcome obstacles on the path, that you can recognize and seize new opportunities makes you feel energized, optimistic and fulfilled.

I am fascinated by the subconscious mind because it rules 95% of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and that goes together with energy psychology, neuroplasticity, and the incredible mind-body connection.

My other passion lies in helping people break free from chronic pain and disease through the power of plant-based nutrition. 🌱 I started doing that in 2006 and it led me to the subconscious mind because when it comes to food, we can immediately see how incredibly strong the subconscious mind is. Think emotional eating, cravings, etc.

So my medical and nutrition expertise plus my competence in changing the subconscious and 25+ years of experience have brought me where I am today.

As a 5/1 emotional alchemist/generator, I bring a highly intuitive and compassionate approach to my work. Being an animal lover and ethical vegan is not just a lifestyle choice for me; it’s a core part of my values.

Some »aliveness blocks« that my clients frequently struggled with

Hamster Wheel

You are rushing through your life, struggling with high stress levels and thinking there aren’t any alternatives. Where would they be found anyway?


You carry a deep longing inside of you. And you don’t dare to follow it. Your energy is all contracted. How can you get into expansion?

Dissatisfied & Bored

You feel a latent dissatisfaction and find yourself bored with your life, even though everything is apparently going well. Something is not right, but what?

Multifaceted and Multipassionate

You have a list of certificates, degrees, and awards that almost reaches the moon. But how do you build something meaningful and sustainable out of it?

Lost & Disoriented

You are pretty sure that this is not all life has to offer. But you are stuck in a pretty good situation. Too good to dare go for a change. What if you could give yourself permission to want more?

Avoiding a decision

You know you will have to decide. But you can’t make up your mind. Why can’t you just leave everything as it is?

Radical Change

You recently left/lost your job, retired or split up with your partner. Now what?

Working Mom

You are a loving Mom and hard worker in your career or your own business. It seems like everybody is tugging at you and draining your energy. Self-care is just a theoretical idea. Do you really have to wait for years before you get more freedom?

What about you?

Are you, too, feeling this yearning to get off the old paths that didn’t lead to the life you want, and do you desire to break through all the obstacles to unleash your aliveness? To feel your power and love every day of your life?

I would be happy to assist you when you embark on your transformational journey towards a brighter, empowered future. 🤗🌟

If you like Qualifications open here

I love to learn and grow. So in case you want to know more about the things I learned and bring to the table in my work I created a list of my studies and certifications. This was an interesting experience for me, because for someone who doesn’t care about certifications, I’ve acquired quite a lot.

1997 – first courses in Shiatsu and Acupressure

1997 – entered School for Health Practitioners (medical training) and Classical Homeopathy

1998 – started treating patients with homeopathy (under supervision)

2000 – graduated as a Health Practitioner (medical exam) and Classical Homeopath (over 1200 hours of training plus extra seminars)

2000 – Attended first seminar about Family Constellations (Hellinger), self-study ever since

2002 – 88 hours of additional training in classical and biodynamic homeopathy

2003 – became a certified teacher for Homeopathy and started teaching it.

2003 – 176 hours of additional training in classical and biodynamic homeopathy

2003 – Course in biodynamic Psychotherapy

2003 – started organizing homeopathic postgraduate seminars for international teachers Dr. Nandita Shah and Anne Schadde

2003 – started studying plant-based nutrition

2005 – started treating patients with plant based nutrition therapy

2005 – Basic course Kinesiology

2006 – gave first seminars for plant-based nutrition with cooking classes

2007 – 2009 translated several books by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, founder of the Sankaran method (Structure, Survival – The Molluscs).

2009 – started studying EFT/Tapping

2010 – first online classes about plant-based nutrition for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic pain for laypeople

2012 – Studied Social and Health Management in Corporations (program of University of Hamburg)

2012 – launched my first course about plant-based nutrition (for laymen and dietitians)

2017 – Reiki I & II

2018 – Graduated in Modern Acupuncture by John Boel

2019 – Certified Teacher of Modern Acupuncture

2019 – Certified Neurographica Specialist

2019 – Started studying Chakra Based Tapping (Margaret Lynch Raniere)

2020 – Graduated in Ear Acupuncture

2023 – Reiki Master & Teacher

2023 – Certified Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Coach

As you could see, my work has evolved with me. I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals in their journey toward self-discovery and healing, a mission that fills me with profound gratitude.

I have helped people with their health, their relationships, their business life and finances. I’ve created programs and courses.

Yet, more than everything, I am profoundly happy, loving and accepting myself as I am, living where I want to be and loving every day that I wake up again to this beautiful life.