About Me

I started my journey over 25 years ago, after being ruined by a very good friend and business partner. As a result, I lost all my material possessions, had to accept state welfare to take care of my child, and it took me nearly 20 years to get rid of all the consequences. 

And still, I did what I had been conditioned to do. Instead of going inside and figuring out what I needed and wanted so that this disaster could become a chance, I concentrated on functioning. I was convinced that I had no choice, so I took on job after job, until eventually, a police raid made me lose my last job five days before Christmas 1996.

It was a liberation, but I couldn’t see the full picture yet. Instead, I was so desperate that I wanted to end my life. 

Luckily something stopped me. You may say it was the mere survival instinct. Yet, today I know that it was my future self holding my hand and telling me everything had turned out well for me. I saw that scene decades later when I did for myself the work I do with clients today. 

That was the moment I decided to take my life back into my own hands. I was finally ready to seek professional help, and from there, my transformational journey began.

I didn’t have to only deal with the betrayal and the loss of money, but also with

  • Sexual abuse
  • Abusive marriage
  • A long relationship without true love
  • More financial betrayals that ruined me
  • Putting my trust in people who did not deserve it
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Not trusting my intuition, not even feeling it
  • And working crazy hours, never slowing down, never assessing my life.

I used many different methods, and as they helped me, I also learned them and started to help others. From homeopathy to nutrition and Modern Acupuncture. From left-brained mindset teachings to neuro-reconditioning techniques like Tapping (EFT) or NeuroGraphica and Matrix Reimprinting. 

As I learned to look deeper, I was able to see that all my “suffering” was linked to my early childhood. My energy system, as it can be explained through the chakras, helped me get a profound understanding of how we build such powerful protection strategies that we come to believe that they are unquestionable truths.  

It was a bumpy road and not a highway. There often was resistance from my side, and new challenges came up, but slowly my life got better and better.

Today I am exactly where I want to be and where I was meant to be. I live the fullness and plenitude I always wanted to experience.

No wonder it became my heart’s mission to empower others to uncover and eradicate the roots of their limiting beliefs or hidden traumas that govern their life without them even knowing it. That’s why they are called ‘blind spots’.

In the past nearly 25 years, I’ve been helping hundreds of people, and that fills me with immense gratitude.

If you feel stuck in your life and want to move from anxiety and survival mode to confidence and self-love and generally advance on your own healing path, I’m here to help.