Change Your Subconscious

Change your Life

Let me help you shatter your inner glass ceilings to break free from self-imposed limitations and confidently embrace your full potential in every aspect of life.

You are probably here because you feel somewhat stuck in your life and you are not sure why or at least why you haven’t been able to overcome it by now. I have been thinking a lot about you, and what would be the most important things for you to know. And that is:

Understanding the power of changing your subconscious mind can be the catalyst for profound change in your life.

Your subconscious never forgets anything

Your subconscious is like a huge library where everything that has ever happened, been said to you or experienced by you is stored. It’s like an awareness, operating in the background. This hidden realm shapes your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors more than you might realize. It often exerts a subtle but profound influence on your conscious decisions, much more that you can be aware of. 

Changing your subconscious mind is like rewiring the operating system of your life. It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that allows you to break free from limitations, heal from past wounds, and manifest a reality aligned with your deepest desires. Embrace this power within you, and watch as it transforms your life in ways you may have never imagined.

Bruce Lipton quote about the power of your subconscious

When you want to change your subconscious patterns it is very important that you get out of your own way. You cannot change your inner wisdom just because you want to. Because one of the biggest tasks of your subconscious is to protect you from danger. 

The survival system is part of your subconscious and to me, it’s the first Gate we have to walk through when we want to change things.  

So if for some reason your subconscious has decided that it is dangerous to sit in an airplane and fly, it will do anything to not let you do it. You will have strong emotions of fear, profuse sweating, maybe diarrhea and you might fall sick with fever or migraine, etc.  Even when you have no idea why this is so – you are not the survivor of a plane crash and in your family there are no stories about problems with flying. 

Any argument on the intellectual level about flying being safer than driving etc. will have no or only very little effect on you. 

But if you could access this part of your mind and calm it down then everything changes. 

Client’s feedback

Jane U. - personal coaching

I’m very thankful for you, for your wisdom and understanding and the tapping sessions were just amazing.

I admire how you understand people naturally and with the tapping sessions I really enjoyed the fact that you found the right words even though I never explained the situations very long. And you already went there and understood and came up with the right sentences for the tapping. This was such a strong point of yours. It’s beautiful. I cannot do tapping alone in such a powerful depth.


B. S. - personal coaching

Thank you Gaia, for everything you did and are still doing for me.

After almost 9 years of pain, self-pity, constantly blaming myself and others, guilt and shame (shame and guilt for being stupid and not understanding other people and their motives) carrying that burden of being a victim, I am finally able to talk about that particular incident (once a trauma) without shedding tears and feeling the pain. Instead, I laughed and smiled at how the Universe helped me to be on my path of learning and growing. 

The tapping sessions with you, your constant support, and availability when it was most needed are all that make it possible for me to be free.

Love you Gaia; thank you so much.

Hoda - personal coaching

Hi I’m Hoda and I’m a transformation coach. My work revolves around Shadow Work and trauma healing, so you can imagine how much of this work I’ve done. At the same time, I’ve been building my life’s heart-project, Phalva, for over three years. As you build a heart-centered business, a lot of past traumas and old beliefs surface and need releasing.

So despite all the inner work, there were two particular dark places that I hadn’t shared with anyone fully. I felt that as I worked on relaunching my program, I needed someone to hold space for this particular past experience.

So I booked coaching with Gaia because I already had worked with her and trusted her. It was profound.

The memory of that dark place is now forever shifted, and every time my mind is tempted to go back, it sees the new images that we wove into the neural pathways of the old memory.

Gaia is, for me, like that soothing grandmotherly nurturing that I never had; whose wisdom goes beyond words and time; and through whom healing is very real.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my own loved ones, so do the math 😉

Natalia Dunne - Money Breakthrough Accelerator

Surprising Connection to Other Areas in My Life

I have already shifted my relationship with money a lot through books and different coaching programs, but I believe there are always deeper layers and when I heard about Gaia’s approach I was very excited to try as it is unlike any other program I have tried before

Gaia really helped me tap into some subconscious beliefs around money that I was carrying and work somatically with my body to shift them and anchor deeper states of safety which was very powerful

I actually surprisingly found other areas, not just money-related where I was feeling scarcity and had a limiting story that didn’t allow me to open up to receive the love and support needed.

It is all the same energy of not-enoughness, be it with money, love or support. The changes we make in one area, impact all others.

Gaia has a superpower and that is clarity. She is very clear on what she wants to transmit and how to get you there

Natalia Dunne
Self-love and sexuality coach