A little-known technique allowed me to recover from my own financial hell, break through my limitations and move towards financial freedom without losing my mind

It sounds crazy, but it has worked for thousands of people…

Financial success and freedom

Imagine being able to erase your past money mistakes and start fresh with a clear path to prosperity.

That’s what happened to me.

 Give me 3 minutes to tell you my story and how this can work for you.

In my family, money always was a stress-loaded topic – they used to say it was genetic, and so I grew up with this paradigm. Another belief I got handed down by my parents was that you have to work hard. Earning money just can’t be easy.

No wonder I struggled so hard in order to meet my financial goals

In the corporate world, I was working hard yet underpaid. In the eighties, I created my first business. I worked even harder but never got to financial freedom. It was frustrating. Changing business didn’t change my outcomes.
Some years later it got even worse. A very good friend and business partner at that time betrayed me. From one day to the next, she disappeared with our money and left me behind.

I was devastated and completely broke. 


It took me years to recover financially… 

And when I did, the next traumatic event happened. We had contracted a builder for our house, but he ran with our money, leaving us with the bare brickwork.
I felt so helpless, powerless, and ashamed. How had I again not seen this coming? It was like a curse.

Would I ever be able to get out of this hell?

I decided to solve this problem once and for all

and tried many things like
  • Budgeting
  • Debt management plan
  • Getting a second job
  • Working on my money mindset
  • Daily affirmations
  • Law of Attraction
  • Hypnosis
  • Systemic constellations

Some of this helped me make some progress, but it never became easy. I saw other people making much more money while working way less than I did. I kept struggling because I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

One day I was talking to a friend and coaching colleague. I told her that even though I had tried everything, I still couldn’t get into financial freedom!

She explained to me that my subconscious had some serious blockages. They were blind spots, things I had started to learn even before I could speak. In other words, I had limiting beliefs I was not even aware of! That immediately resonated with me.

3 minutes that turned everything around

My friend introduced me to tapping. It’s a very simple method. You tap with your fingers on different points on your body and at the same time, you say certain sentences. She explained that this method would help me dissolve the blind spots, the blockages.
I was very skeptical – I mean this seemed so “woo-woo” – but I trusted my friend and decided to give it a shot. To my amazement, after only a few minutes I felt an instant stress relief in my body.

You cannot see what you cannot see

That day we worked for an hour and I understood that what had happened to me was not my fault. I had done nothing wrong! I couldn’t see my blind spots – nobody can. What a relief!
I had not been aware of how deeply I rejected myself because of my financial trauma. That I was still buried in shame and self-loathing and that this played a huge role in how I created my finances.
I knew that I couldn’t do it alone! So I found a coach and worked through my limitations. And my finances started to improve.

Deconditioning and rewiring the brain became my mission

Over the years I learned more about how our brain works and how to influence our subconscious. Yet, to this day, I haven’t found a method that is resulting in deep lasting transformation faster than tapping.

Tapping – also known as EFT – is not the “woo-woo” method I had thought. In fact, its positive effects to decondition old patterns and freeing people from emotional blocks have been scientifically proven.
Over the years tapping has become one of my favorite methods with my 1:1 clients. I combine it with other techniques and I love to listen to their break-through stories they tell me at the beginning of each session. 

I want to serve as many women as possible.

That’s not attainable with 1:1 coaching alone. 

This is why I created the

Money Breakthrough Accelerator


Break through your personal money blocks to create more financial abundance without overly restricting yourself or working harder.